Ready For The Show (English Version)


ready for the show groupReady For The Show

Erasmus Plus KA1 – Partnership Building.

Our association participated on 4-9 December 2017 in Erasmus Plus project in Leipzig, named “Get ready for the show”, a program for a one-week partnership training seminar on the invitation of Theater Vision, Leipzig-based organization. Working language: English.
Partnership Building Seminar’s goal was to develop a network, build a new partnership for developing quality management approaches, shared knowledge management among various fields related to youth work.
The Partnership Building Seminar will aim to achieve the following objectives:
- sharing experiences and practices in using art modalities as a tool to develop solidarity and active citizenship competences of young people;
- understanding the principles and the methodology of art in youth work,
- discuss the concept of KA2 project (focusing on performance as a tool in the youth work for solidarity and empowering disadvantaged groups)
- exploring ways of cooperating and developing a strong European quality work around these methodologies,
- building partnerships and cooperation for further projects in 2017-2019;
- to establish the foundation of a strategic, European wide collaborative partnership project for our approach.


Project Coordinator: Theater Vision e.V. Leipzig, Germany
Start: 01-09-2017 – End: 31-12-2017
Project Reference: 2017-2-DE04-KA105-015520
Program: Erasmus +
Key Action 1

1 Theater Vision e.V. – Germany,
2 Hungarian Association for Expressive Arts and Dance Therapy, IKTE – Hungary,
3 Clowndestino – Italy,
4 Qualitimpact – Hungary,
5 Synergy Romania – Romania

Participants came from 4 countries and 5 different organizations:
Association Synergy Romania – LEGO, outdoor and other training methods (Romania)
Clowndestino APS – Clown, Humor Strategies Method (Italy)
Qualitimpact Informal Group – training methods, playful learning with young people (Hungary)
Theater Vision e.V. – theater, performance (Germany)
IKTE – Expressive Arts and Dance Therapy (Hungary)

During the first half of the meeting, we could try out one another’s methods in one half-day workshop. This section was very exciting and useful to evaluate the ways in which we would like to collaborate later on.
Each demonstration was followed by a methodological discussion where we could ask questions about the method, we could think about how the method worked and how to combine with other methods.

We worked with the Open Space method on the last two days. We’ve been spending half a day on each organization to develop ideas that meet your own needs and interests to address others. Every suggestion or idea was free to join anyone who was approached by the project. Then the interviewees discussed and clarified the framework, the content of the project and which European application could be used to find resources for its implementation.

Our association has received several proposals for future collaborations, including the following:

1. Ready for the show
Its purpose is to create 2 performances by organizing youth meetings, where we can deal with the social issues of the young people (18-30 years) with the tools of theater, dance theater, clown method and possibly visual arts.
Structure: 2 year project, preparatory meetings, followed by two longer youth meetings (14-21 days) for the creative process
Inquiries: Theater Vision, Clowndestino, IKTE
Source: Erasmus + KA1 Youth
Next step: further refinement of the project, the three organizations continue to think about how to submit a proposal, about recruiting potential partners.

2. Strategic partnership for methodological development and methodological combinations
Its Purpose: Provide the opportunity for help-makers to enrich their method and toolbox by knowing and combining different methods. Create a combination of methods by incorporating the values ​​of participating methods.
Partners: Theater Vision, Clowndestino, IKTE, possibly Artemovimento (Italy)
Source: Erasmus + KA2 Adults
Next step: interested organizations are negotiating with their membership and the organization they wish to invite about the feasibility of the project.